Sunday School

Each Sunday during the school year (September-May), we gather at 9:15 am for Sunday School. We offer classes for children 2 years old-High School, and also a separate class for adults. In addition, we offer an infant and toddler nursery during the Sunday School hour. We believe that the Sunday School hour provides us with an important time of Christian education, discipleship and fellowship outside of our normal worship service.


Lauren picks back up with the Articles of the Confession leading off with his discussion on 'God's Covenant with Man' the seventh chapter of the Confession.
Pastor Dale fills in this Sunday for Lauren as he discusses the covenant what it was before Christs and how it applies to us today.
Pastor Dale fills in for this session covering God's promise to mankind.
Lauren concludes the fall portion of the Confession of Faith series wrapping of the 6th article as it pertains to the sinful nature of man.
This week Lauren discusses one of the more challenging articles of the confession...the sin of mankind.
Lauren discusses this week the sovereignty and never changing will of God.
Lauren continues the study this week into the fifth article of the Confessions of Faith of God's Providence and the age old question relating to God's Will in our lives.
Today Lauren wraps up the Articles of Creation and begins the discussion of the providence of God.
This week Lauren discusses the Westminster Confession of Faith addressing the creation and dispeling the myths of evolution.
This week Lauren wraps up the discussion of God's eternal decree and our responsibility of sharing the gospel.