Our Distinctives

A Welcoming Community

As a smaller church, our community is a place where you can know others and be known in return. At Colleyville, we offer many opportunities for informal fellowship and we are a congregation whose members place a high value on hospitality, a practice that is often overlooked in our modern world. We believe that one of the most important ways the Holy Spirit works in our lives is through intentional friendships with one another, and each of us are called to extend to others the welcome we have first received in Christ.

Christ Centered, Expository Preaching

At the center of our life together as a church are our practices regarding the Scriptures. We offer mid-week bible studies for men and women to study the Scriptures, we read extended portions of different parts of the Scriptures in our worship services, and our pastor is deeply committed to Christ-centered, expository preaching. By this term we simply mean the apostolic and classically protestant practice of preaching sermons which are based on a careful explanation and application of consecutive texts of biblical books, with a special emphasis on declaring how the Scriptures reveal the glory of Jesus Christ on every page. We emphasize this form of preaching because we believe the Scriptures, as the Word of God, are a true means of grace for God’s people, and as such, the preacher must submit himself to the text, not the other way around.

Liturgical and Sacramental Worship

One of the things that is immediately noticeable about our worship service at Colleyville is that we follow a carefully structured order of worship full of hymns, responsive Scripture readings, written prayers and historic creeds. We believe that every church, whether it acknowledges it or not, has a pattern for its worship, and we desire our worship to be intentional, joyful, full of scriptural content, and consistent with the common Christian practices of worship that go back to the earliest days of the church. In keeping with this desire, we conclude our worship service every week by celebrating the Lord’s Supper, a sacramental meal of bread and wine that we believe has been appointed by Christ himself to deepen our union with him as he gives his body and blood to us again each Sunday morning by the power of his Holy Spirit.

Intentional Pastoral Care

In our modern age, the expectations for a pastor can be overwhelming at times. At Colleyville, we’re committed to a vision of pastoral ministry where the pastor is not a CEO or a manger of programs, but rather a shepherd of souls. This means that we work to free our pastor to spend his week in study, prayer, and spending time meeting with members in their homes, in his study, or over lunch. At some churches, it can be difficult to know the pastor. At Colleyville, our pastor is committed to knowing and caring for each of the members of his congregation.