Crates for Ukraine


Colleyville Presbyterian Church directly supports missionaries who serve and minister in L’viv, Ukraine. We have supported one of these missionaries, Doug Shepherd, since the mid 1990’s. Doug grew up in our church and most recently visited us on a Sunday morning in August 2021 when he and his family were here in the states for a little while. Their team is now both continuing to minister in L’viv as well as coordinating efforts to serve Ukrainian refugees in Krakow, Poland.


Crates for Ukraine Winter 2023:

Winter temperatures have settled into L’Viv and the rest of Ukraine as the invasion by and war with Russia continues. Many parts of Ukrainian energy infrastructure have been damaged and the need to send aid to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, while still urgent, has shifted to helping them weather the winter months. This post at Voice of Ukraine details their concerns for the winter and emphasizes the weariness that this people is facing. Please watch this video from our MTW team in L’viv:

CPC will participate in the winter effort of Crates for Ukraine. We will gather supplies and pack four crates that will be shipped by a freight company in Dallas directly to L’Viv. We will gather supplies starting on Sunday, January 8th continuing through February 5th. The crates will then be packed and delivered to Dallas by Thursday, February 9th.

We are focusing our efforts on the Basic Care Crate items at this time. The list of supplies may be viewed here. Some items are the same as our effort this summer. Some winter specific items have been added.

We encourage you to purchase items from the Basic Care Crate list (either through the Amazon links provided in the lists or by purchasing equivalent products at a “brick & mortar store”) and bring them with you to church by Sunday, February 5th for us to pack and deliver to Dallas to be shipped directly to L’Viv to aid the church in Ukraine during this time.



Crates for Ukraine Summer 2022:

Starting in May 2022, The Ukraine team requested that churches here in the states gather supplies in large crates (basically foot lockers) and deliver the crates to them to distribute the enclosed supplies to those in need; they’ve dubbed this effort “Crates for Ukraine.”

Over the course of June and half of July 2022, CPC gathered donations of aid supplies not only from members of our church, but also from our larger community including members of Colleyville’s Ministerial Alliance. We packed them in footlockers (crates) and on July 17th, our church member, Donna Cornell, flew with the crates to deliver them to the crisis team in Krakow, Poland. From Krakow, they were transported by van to L’Viv, Ukraine on July 22nd. Below you will see a video recapping our whole Crates for Ukraine effort.

Many thanks to our whole team who helped receive, sort, inventory, and pack donations in addition to praying so much over the whole endeavor: Ami Anderson (+family), Alyssa Geltz (+family), Alina Anderson (+family), Alexis Harrison, Donovan & Trudy Carlson, Mike & Rhonda Prather.

You can also read Donna’s letter to the congregation recapping her experience here.