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We are currently offering worship services at 9 am and 11:15 am each Sunday. If you are interested in worshiping with us this Sunday, please email our Assistant Pastor, Patrick Webb, at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

At our church, you’ll hear this phrase a lot: “Christ is our life.” What we do mean by those words? We mean that we are those who know that outside of Christ, we have no life at all – and all our life is found in him. We gather for worship each Sunday in Word and Sacrament, because Christ is our life. We invite others into our homes for meals and friendship, because Christ is our life. We pursue our work and vocations, because Christ is our life. We gladly follow wherever our Risen Savior leads, because Christ is our life.


Our prayers, hymns, and liturgy are rooted in the scriptures and the historical patterns of worship of God’s people throughout the centuries.

We offer ministries for everyone in your family, making it easy to get involved.

by pastor josh anderson
April 27, 2020 in Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter of Encouragement

Dear Colleyville Family, I know that this season has been profoundly challenging for each of us, and for our church as a whole. I know that it has been, without a doubt, the most challenging period of my pastoral ministry (and I don’t expect those challenges to end any time soon!). I know that you each have your own stories of difficulty and grief and frustration during this time. I am thankful that so far, the Lord has spared us from death or serious harm from the virus itself, but all of us have suffered in various ways due to the broader societal changes the virus has brought. Some of us have lost work, or suffered other financial loss. Many of us are missing out on special experiences, things long planned and anticipated that now will be impossible to replicate or replace. All of us are suffering from isolation and the normal joys of life in community with one another. And yet, I want you to know that I am also seeing and hearing many beautiful things in our congregation that are encouraging me during this season, as I speak with you and hear your stories.  As you enter into…

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