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At our church, you’ll hear this phrase a lot: “Christ is our life.” What we do mean by those words? We mean that we are those who know that outside of Christ, we have no life at all – and all our life is found in him. We gather for worship each Sunday in Word and Sacrament, because Christ is our life. We invite others into our homes for meals and friendship, because Christ is our life. We pursue our work and vocations, because Christ is our life. We gladly follow wherever our Risen Savior leads, because Christ is our life.


Our prayers, hymns, and liturgy are rooted in the scriptures and the historical patterns of worship of God’s people throughout the centuries.

We offer ministries for everyone in your family, making it easy to get involved.

by pastor josh anderson
August 29, 2018 in Pastoral Letters

Resources for Praying, Singing, and Studying the Psalms

August 2018 Dear Colleyville Family, Martin Luther, in his preface to the newly translated German Psalter in 1545, wrote this: “In my opinion, any man who will but make a trial in earnest of the Psalter will very soon bid the other pious prayers adieu, and say, ‘Ah, they have not the sap, the strength, the heart, the fire, that I find in the Psalter; they are too cold, too hard, for my taste!’” I began making my own earnest trial in praying the psalms eight years ago, and I have to say that I am in complete agreement with this wise pastor’s words. My hope is that we as a congregation will continue to grow together in our appreciation and use of the these ancient prayers given to us by the Spirit to pray in union with Jesus himself. As a follow up to my sermon this past Sunday, I wanted to send a pastoral letter to you sharing some of the most helpful resources I have found on the psalms. This is a long list, but I want to share with you some of the wealth I have discovered in my own studies in the hope that you will find some…

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