Sunday School

Each Sunday during the school year (September-May), we gather at 9:40am for Sunday School. We begin with a time of acoustic singing together in the Sanctuary, and then split off into various classes. We offer classes for children 2 years old-High School, and also a separate class for adults. In addition, we offer an infant and toddler nursery during the Sunday School hour. We believe that the Sunday School hour provides us with an important time of Christian education, discipleship and fellowship outside of our normal worship service.


Lauren starts out the New Year focusing on our liberties that we have through Christ to serve Him with all our heart.
Lauren closes out 2013 with his conclusion of this valuable teaching understanding God's law in relation to the confessions.
Lauren concludes the fall session with a wrap up of his discussion of the Law of God. Sunday school sessions will resume after the New Year.
This week Lauren discusses the in depth of the truth of the Law of God compared to some of the misconceptions that have been stated over the centuries.
This week Lauren continues his discussion of God's laws and the contrast from the Presbytery view and the Roman Catholic view.
This week Lauren wraps up his discussion on grace and salvation and begins discussion on the laws and what is defined by God's complete authority of law.
Lauren continues to discuss the spiritual proofs of this important doctrine.
This week Lauren discusses the truths of this doctrine of the Confession
This week Lauren wraps up discussion of this article of the confessions and the pitfalls we as believers would fall into.
This week Lauren discuses the age old discussion if it's possible to lose our salvation and what the Confessions say.