Sunday School

Each Sunday during the school year (September-May), we gather at 9:40am for Sunday School. We begin with a time of acoustic singing together in the Sanctuary, and then split off into various classes. We offer classes for children 2 years old-High School, and also a separate class for adults. In addition, we offer an infant and toddler nursery during the Sunday School hour. We believe that the Sunday School hour provides us with an important time of Christian education, discipleship and fellowship outside of our normal worship service.


Lauren starts a new chapter in views of the stance of the union of the church as drawn by the Biblical interpretation of the Westminster Confession.

Preach the Word

June 8, 2014

This week, Lauren concludes the observations of the Biblical and Confessions stance of marriage and divorce.
Patrick returns from the mission trip from Myanmar to give an update of the church plantings.
This week, Lauren continues his discussion and views of the Westminster Confession of Faith on marriage and divorce.
This week, Lauren opens up the Confession's views of the sanctity of marriage and its definition of divorce in the Confession.
Lauren concludes his discussion on the bylaw topic of the Civil Magistrate.
This week, Lauren continues his discussion on the topics of the church's bylaws and how they should work together with the laws of our governing body.
This week Lauren discusses the views of the Civil Magistrate as it pertains to political views such as involvement in war. (Note: Audio contains an open forum so the audio…
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