Welcome to Colleyville Presbyterian Church

Our purpose at Colleyville Presbyterian Church is pretty simple. It is to know God and make Him known to others; to glorify God by enjoying Him now and for all eternity; to worship Him in joy and the beauty of holiness; to serve Him and one another in love; and to grow together to maturity in Jesus Christ as individuals and families. 

It is our goal to disciple God’s people through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God that we might be the alternative and parallel community that Christ calls His Church to be. By alternative we mean that the community of God’s people ought to be marked by values, beliefs, conduct, and a world-view that are distinct from the secularism of an unbelieving culture. By parallel we mean that the community of God’s people, while distinctive, is not isolated from the culture in which we live and move and have our being. We are constantly interacting as salt and light, showing forth God’s love, mercy, justice, and life transforming truth.


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Reverend Dale Smith Retires

After 38 years of faithful service, Reverend Dale L Smith, who served as senior pastor of Colleyville Presbyterian Church officially retired on March 30, 2014.

For that weekend, we hosted a retirement service for Pastor Dale, including giving away copies of a DVD that Mr. Patrick Foss created commemorating 38 years of service through pictures and inteviews.  If you weren’t able to get a copy of that DVD, the video has been posted online of the full length video on youtube.

To take a line from the most interesting man, we don’t usually videotape our services, but when we do, it’s the pastor’s retirement service. This was a phenomenal service charging the congregation in faithful obedience to walk steadfastly in the ways of God. Video also includes closing remarks and Dale’s send off.



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Westminster Confession of Faith


Join us this Spring as Elder Lauren Clark continues his study on the Westminster Confession of Faith.  Our Sunday School service starts at 9:30 in fellowship with music along with instructions and guidance from the Word as well as what our founders have instructed us in the guidance of spiritual growth. 

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Podcast and Downloads

If you need to catch up on a previous Sunday School lesson or sermon, we do keep an active archive of all the sermons on the web over the last 3 years and all live Sunday School sessions since Fall of 2011.   To access our sermon archives, go to our resources tab and click on the Sermons menu.

The Sunday School sessions are also accessible by category, you can either see the full list by clicking on Sunday School menu under Resources, or you can can click on each individual Sunday School session that pops up under the Sunday School tab.

You can take our Sunday School lessons and sermons to go with you on your smartphone or compatable mp3 device by clicking our podcast tab on the website.

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